Hair Care Guide

We at Bare Strands are passionate about providing you with high quality extensions that are long lasting and beautiful. In support of maintaining the life of your Bare Strands Extensions, we recommend following this hair care guide.

How to Care for Your Hair Extensions: Pre Installation
  • Upon opening the package, run your fingers through the hair to confirm texture and density. You may experience some loose hairs that shed during this process. It is important to keep all security seals in place in the event you would like to exchange  your extensions prior to washing
  • Co-wash the hair with a mild conditioner in warm water to remove any debris from shipping. Please use warm water to keep the cuticles aligned
  • Leave the hair out to air dry

    How to Care for Your Hair Extensions: Installation Tips

    • We do not recommend cutting your hair wefts, as this may lead to shedding. In addition, all sew-in's should be done around the weft, as to not damage the double-wefted structure and loosen the bond
    • If you find the need to cut your hair wefts, we recommend using a weft sealer to minimize shedding
    • Should you decide to color your Bare Strands Extensions, we recommend going to a professional to ensure proper technique is used and the hair is not damaged. Please note, coloring will permanently alter the hair

    How to Care for Your Hair Extensions: Post Installation

    • Use styling oils and products sparingly to avoid product build-up. Light oils such as argan, jojoba, and avocado are the best
    • Avoid alcohol based products, as they tend to dry out the extensions, which may cause tangling
    • A leave-in conditioner should be applied to curly textures at least three times a week to maintain softness. Daily is strongly recommended
    • Avoid manipulation of curly textures when wet to reduce frizz
    • We do not recommend using any straightening tools on the Afro Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky Coily extensions, as these textures are steam-processed and straightening will loosen the curl pattern and may increase frizz
    • We recommend washing and deep conditioning on a weekly basis or as build-up occurs for All Collections
    • Please note that extreme weather conditons may require more frequent deep conditioning of your extensions


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